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The Budget Decorator Bedroom Makeover
by Kathleen Wilson

Description: Redecorate your bedroom with these decorating ideas that will be easy on your budget.

Many times at the change of the seasons, during a stressful time in our lives, or just when we need a change we crave a redesign of our most precious haven...our bedroom. I donít know about you, but I canít afford to redecorate every time I want a little bit of a different view! So here are some great low cost, easy ideas to transform your haven. (And still be able to transform it back...just in case you get bored again!)

Develop a box of items in your color scheme you can interchange in your room. Keeping these items stored prevents overspending later on expensive impulse items, and allows you to gather things slowly throughout the seasonal sales to save money. Throw pillows, curtains, tablecovers, and accessories can all be interchanged easily and cheaply for a whole new look!

You might consider having a Spring/Summer dťcor box, and a Fall/Winter box. (Or a light hue and rich hue box, a rustic and an elegant box, a contemporary and a traditional donít necessarily have to wait for the change of seasons.) Sound expensive? Nonsense. You can buy at clearance and save for next season, and you donít have to buy everything all at once. Many things can be stitched up to save money, or use iron on hem tape for simple curtains and throws. Donít forget to check garage sales in the Spring (many decorators have spent the big bucks to redecorate, and you can take advantage of their getting rid of last season's stuff!) It is helpful to create a list of items you would like to have, and even a swatch of paint or fabric from your room. (Come on, you have everything else in that purse, whatís one more thing?!)

Try a new direction. Literally. Move the bed, set the dresser on an angle, lay your throw rug on the diagonal...simple changes can make a huge difference in ďfeelĒ in a room.

Change up the spirit of the room. If your room is rich and cozy in the winter, strip down the accessories and lighten up the color for the warm seasons. You donít have to do anything as drastic as repainting, changing the rooms accessories will do.

Donít think you have to change everything! Sometimes a few key elements are all it takes for a new look with little cash. If your budget is really tight, concentrate on the bed, as it is usually the focus point in the room. Stitch up a duvet cover from two sheets, close at the end with Velcro, and you can just cover up your comforter without having to buy new. Take down your heavy curtains and just let the miniblinds filter the light for summer, make a few flowered throw pillows to take the place of the rich chenille onesÖget the idea?

Check out these before and after pictures of a recent redo of mine...notice with a lighter bedspread, and a few accessory changes, the room is lightened, brightened, and renewed!

Give it a try, with a little treasure hunting, perhaps in your own house, you can transform a room in just a few hours. And who wouldnít want to wake up in a whole new room?

Kathleen Wilson is an author, national columnist, and editor of The Budget Decorator. You can find more free ideas and projects, and info on her online workshop based on her book at

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