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Why Live with Bathroom Clutter and Chaos?

Description: Tips for organizing and updating your bathroom decor for the entire family.

(ARA) - Maybe it’s that pile of used bath towels on the floor. Or the shrine to shampoo that lurks behind your shower curtain. Somewhere in your home, it exists: that scary, clutter-filled bathroom. And, chances are, it’s probably your master or your child’s bathroom.

Admit it. Most of the time, your bathroom is not always the relaxing retreat you hoped it would be. Whether it’s been overrun with laundry – or filled to the rim with squeaky bath toys – today’s bathrooms are in need of some serious de-cluttering. Luckily, there’s no better time to take action than this spring. A few simple tips can get you there quickly and easily. Then, all you have to do is fill the tub with a few bubbles and enjoy.

Master Bath Solutions

Believe it or not, the master bath is often the worst clutter culprit. Since it’s hidden away from company’s prying eyes, you’re more likely to close the door than clean it up. Add to that the hectic pace of a two-person morning routine and even a spotless bathroom on Sunday night can turn to mayhem by Monday morning.

Make a clean sweep. Start by removing every loose item from the room:

* Clear off all bottles and toiletries from the sink, and throw away anything that you purchased with good intentions, but don’t use. Put items you use every day into a pile and place the rest under the sink or in a medicine cabinet. Set aside the most decorative pieces, such as perfumes, colognes and cosmetics.

* Remove all towels, robes and pajamas. Take an inventory of what you use and what you need to access easily.

* Remove any children’s bath items and set them in a separate pile.

Next, bring in the clutter catchers:

* Organize your daily toiletries by usage. Do you brush your teeth first, then put on your makeup? From left to right, sort your items accordingly. Consider using a small basket to keep things neatly arranged. You’ll find that once you’ve put things in order, they are much more likely to stay that way.

* Give every towel and robe its rightful place. You’ve inventoried the items – now compare this to the number of towel bars in your bath. It could be time to change your accessories or add some new and more functional items. Look to Inspirations by Moen for sophisticated new styles, such as the Retreat and Lounge collections. Both collections feature robe hooks and double towel bars that provide both quick access and multi-tasking capabilities. Double towel bars can maximize wall space, and an artfully arranged series of robe hooks can provide order to your towels or clothes.

* Bring in a decorative and covered basket for children’s items. Although these items may be used every day, they can take away from the luxurious retreat feel of the master bath. Place them in a container that’s more in line with your bathroom’s style.

* Make decorative toiletries a part of the décor. A stylish glass shelf, such as the one found in Moen’s new Retreat collection, can offer both function and beauty. A curved hourglass silhouette balances the shelf’s geometric base – so your everyday items will look more ornamental.

Children’s Bath Solutions

All hope is not lost for the second most-cluttered bathroom in the house. The secret is to make things fun and accessible for children. Again, do a clean sweep of the area, arranging items into categories, such as:

* Bath-time necessities and toys

* Daily necessities

* Towels and pj’s

Now, look at the bathroom from your child’s perspective. It’s hard to reach the towel bar when you’re only three feet tall. And it’s tough for little hands to change the toilet paper roll, and toys are really the only reason to take a bath. Consider:

* Installing towel bars lower on the wall or using a robe hook mounted closer to the ground so that the child can reach their own towel.

* Using a plastic basket to store bath toiletries and toys in one place. Keep the basket under the sink so children can easily access it. The added bonus? This central location encourages children to put items away when they are finished.

* Install a toilet paper holder that pivots – such as those offered by Inspirations by Moen. Simply lift the arm, remove the empty roll, reload and lower the arm back into place. Just as Velcro helps a child learn to put on his or her shoes, these paper holders are easy to load. Better yet, they’re decorative – and make toilet paper changes easier on adults too. Most of Moen’s bath accessory collections offer this unique feature.

There’s no question that a little organization goes a long way. With a little TLC, your master bath can become the beautiful decorator showplace you always wanted. And, your child’s bathroom can function as more of a work zone than disaster zone.

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