Best Testosterone Supplements 2021

Do you think you could be reaching your goals more quickly than you are? One of the best testosterone supplements might be the extra boost that you need.

What’s In the Best Test Supplements?

There are a few common factors among the products on this list. Although each supplement targets slightly different goals, the presence of these factors indicates high quality.

• No proprietary blends. No matter how great a substance is, there is a required dosage for it to be effective. Since blends don’t reveal the exact amount of each ingredient, they should be avoided.
• D-aspartic acid (D-AA). This powerful amino acid helps the body to release important hormones: luteinizing hormone, which regulates the testes, and human growth hormone.
• Reduce Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. SHBG renders free testosterone unavailable to the body. Ingredients that lower is protein allow the body to reap the benefits of the dominant male hormone.

Test Booster 1.0

Number three on this list contains zinc and magnesium, minerals that lower SHBG. Zinc in particular promotes prostate health. This best test supplement is unique in that it balances testosterone to estrogen. Don’t let that seemingly feminine word scare you away from Test Booster 1.0; when properly balanced with testosterone, estrogen improves bone density and increases muscle mass.

This product is the lowest on the list not because it’s inherently bad, but because the others are so great. The biggest problem with Test Booster 1.0? The ingredient list fails to specify which form of vitamin D it contains — D2, or the more bioavailable D3.

Runner Up: Prime Male

Ever wonder why many men lose some of their manly characteristics in old age? As men grow older, their bodies convert more testosterone to estrogen. This natural process, aromatization, can be halted by aromatase inhibitors (AIs).

Prime Male contains a natural AI: luteolin. In a study of over 1400 compounds, luteolin was proven to be the most effective estrogen-reducing substance. Other active ingredients magnesium and stinging nettle lower SHBG, and bioavailable vitamin D3 aids in the release of the same hormones as D-AA.

Most men could likely benefit from Prime Male, but it is specifically designed for older men. With this booster, men of a certain age enjoy better mental function, more energy while training, and increased muscle gains with fat loss.

Gold Standard: TestoFuel

Wildly popular with a near cult following, TestoFuel is considered by many to be the best testosterone supplement available. The unique ingredient oyster extract provides a significant amount of zinc and lowers SHBG. The heavy hitter of the nutrition label is vitamin B6: it inhibits aromatase, converts to androgens, and increases zinc absorption.

The sky is the limit with this product. Men taking TestoFuel shatter previous PRs with their size and strength gains. New muscle earned is dense, and it comes with very little body fat. Higher mental clarity and motivation keep men just as sharp in life as they are in the gym.

Paired with a good strength training program, a testosterone supplement can give you better gains, lower stress levels, and more self confidence. Test Booster 1.0 is good for balancing hormones, although the uncertainty about the vitamin D is an issue. Prime Male is a great supplement, but it is a better choice for aging men than for just anyone. Although the top of the line TestoFuel comes at a premium price, it pushes the limits of quality.

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