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Home Decorating / Color and Fabric:

Psychology of Colors: The Kitchen
Tips for choosing a paint color for your kitchen.

How to Pick Great Decorating Colors
Tips for choosing colors to decorate your home.

Psychology of Colors: The Living Room
The living room is the setting which will blend the people in your life into the occasions of your home. The colors and designs you choose will have subtle effects on the psychology of the occupants in the setting, resulting in slight changes to the interactions held there.

Using Color Tricks in Home Decor
Just as a painter uses color to fool the eye and to create mood in fine art, so the designer can use color to fool the eye in home décor. Here are a few tips for the creative DIY designer (that's YOU!) dealing with problem spaces.

Escape to Sunny Mexico - at Home!
Can't get away for a southern vacation this year? Don't despair--plan a sunny Mexican style refresher for your patio décor and enjoy the festive atmosphere of a hacienda at home this summer.

Bring Color to Your Home
One of the fastest, most effective and least expensive ways to change your rooms is to use color!

Decorating with Fabric: Secrets to Combining Patterns
Here are ten easy secrets to combining fabric patterns that will make your room look like a million bucks!

Choosing Upholstery That Will Stand Up to Even Your Kids!
Here are five easy ways to make certain your new upholstery is suitable for every member of the family!

Decorating With Toile
Toile is decorating pattern that has been around since the 1800's. It is a classic. It is good for the frugal decorator because it never goes out of style.

Fabric Covered Boxes
Cardboard boxes covered with pretty fabrics can be an attractive addition to many rooms. They can store hair accessories and brushes in the bathroom, underwear, scarves or make-up in the bedroom, writing materials, knitting, crafts or remote controls in the living room and just about anything in kid's and teens bedrooms.

How to Create Custom Window Toppers
My breakfast nook has four windows that overlook my backyard. Since we have lots of trees in back and there are no neighbors to see in, I decided that I wanted to leave the windows as open as possible. I decided on just toppers leaving the rest of the window uncovered.

Creating a Fun Valance
Here is one of the more inexpensive, fun ways to make a custom valance for the window over your kitchen sink, in a children's room, or even on top of a shower curtain.

Curtains Make a Big Difference
Changing the curtains in your house can make a big difference in the outlook and the feel of your rooms.

Decorating With Pattern
Do you find some rooms in your home a little on the bland side? Do you find yourself appreciative of the rooms you see in magazines and television, and wish you could achieve the same effect? The problem may be that you do not have enough pattern in your home.

The Psychological Impact of Color
The following beliefs are generalizations. They may differ from culture to culture and from person to person. Yet, based on color studies, they represent the feelings most people associate with different hues. I have added in parenthesis, the rooms in which these colors are often applied.

Handmade Quilts: Not Just for your Bed
The art of quilting has been part of American history for more than a century. Regardless of the climate where you live, you can enjoy quilts in your home year round.


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