How Do Anabolic Steroids Work

It is a known fact that one of the easiest ways of gaining muscle strength is by taking an anabolic steroid. These are a type of drug that trick your body to build your muscle mass and endurance. However, they also age your body beyond its years. Anabolic steroids work by masquerading as one of the human body’s basic hormones: testosterone. The term anabolic refers to muscle growth, and refers to the fact that these substances are very helpful in growing your muscles.

How do They Make You Stronger

When we take anabolic steroids, they are broken down into molecules that are then passed into our cells. In our cells, these molecules bind to structures that are called androgen receptors. Androgen receptors also bind with testosterone, and that is why steroids take on a role similar to testosterone. Once the androgen receptor is activated by the steroid, it can influence how certain genes behave.

Steroids also affect the body’s normal metabolism in two different ways. One way is that when some androgen receptors are activated, some cells start to produce more proteins. This protein is used to build more cells. This is the stage of metabolic cycle that is called anabolism, where the body builds muscles. This is why these steroids are called anabolic steroids, because they activate the anabolic mechanism of your body. SEcond way in which steroids affect your metabolism is by inhibiting a hormone called glucocorticoids. Inhibiting this molecule speeds up the destruction or breakdown of molecules like proteins. The process of breakdown is called catabolism. The result is that now your muscles need to spend less time to fully recover between workouts.

Misuse of Steroids

Even though it is illegal to use steroids to improve your sporting performance, a lot of people misuse them in the sporting arena. However, their misuse is prevalent even among the general population. They can have a number of harmful effects, which can show themselves even in smaller doses. In larger doses, there are even worse effects. Most basic changes or side effects are related to the fact that these drugs are directly connected to male sex characteristics.