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Home Decorating / Living Room Decor:

Victorian Decorating In 6 Easy Steps!
Easy do-it-yourself ideas for decorating your home with a Victorian theme.

How To Decorate With Room Dividers
Tips for decorating and organizing a room with room dividers.

Sofa Slipcovers - Give Your Home an Instant Makeover!
How to give your living room an instant makeover by using sofa slipcovers.

Nascar Themed Rec Room
Reader responses to decorating a Nascar themed rec room.

Find the Perfect Home Rugs
Tips for choosing rugs for your home.

Tuscan Style Decorating - Three Essentials
Tips for decorating your home in a Tuscan style.

5 Quick and Cheap Decorating Ideas for Family Living
Tips for decorating your home for comfortable family living.

Uses of Curtains
The roles of curtains have changed. At one time they were used to retain heat, block cold air, control sunlight and provide privacy. They still perform these roles, but with the many advancements in window glass and window design technology, they are often much more decorative than functional.

Creative Upholstery Materials for Updating Your Furniture
Reupholstering and updating your old furniture doesn’t have to cost a fortune (unless you want it to!) Using your imagination, you can easily come up with unique fabrics for your furniture redesign.

Psychology of Colors: The Living Room
The living room is the setting which will blend the people in your life into the occasions of your home. The colors and designs you choose will have subtle effects on the psychology of the occupants in the setting, resulting in slight changes to the interactions held there.

Creative Upholstery Materials for Updating Your Furniture
Reupholstering and updating your old furniture doesn’t have to cost a fortune (unless you want it to!) Using your imagination, you can easily come up with unique fabrics for your furniture redesign.

Book Shelf Decorating Idea and Tip
If you have book shelves in your home, and lots of books, you've probably discovered that bookends don't always keep everything in order.

Furniture Remakes
One of the biggest problems budget decorators face is having attractive furniture even when the budget doesn’t allow for new. Here are some great ways to transform what you already own, or can cheaply buy to fill your furniture needs, and make it look great!

Unique and Imaginative Wall Storage Ideas
Additional wall storage can help bring organization into your home. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Poster, Print or Painting -- Where are you going to put it?
If you are redesigning or decorating a room, or house, care has to be taken where your piece of art is to be displayed. Even if you have bought a picture on impulse there are a few tips that will not only enhance the picture but its surroundings.

How to Change a Room's Dimension using Wall Pictures
Wall art plays an important role in interior design as it helps create the ambience of a room. By cleverly placing wall pictures in certain ways, you can change and create a new look and feel in a room.

7 Steps to Decorate your Family Room, without Breaking the Bank!
Here are some great ideas to transform your family room in a weekend, with a little elbow grease, and little creativity, and some great ideas from The Budget Decorator!

Avoiding the Black-Hole Syndrome of a Fire-less Fireplace
Everyone loves a fireplace aglow with a roaring fire or flickering embers. But your fireplace need not be a gaping empty hole--like a picture frame without a picture—-those times you choose not to have a fire.

Add Beauty and Elegance to Your Home with Oriental Rugs
Oriental rugs can be purchased in a great variety of colors and patterns, and will add beauty and elegance to your home décor.

Five Ways to Update your Windows on a Budget
Windows can be some of the trickiest decorating decisions we make. They can also be very expensive. However, there are many ways to dress and update your windows without breaking the bank!

Creative Ideas for Decorating a Rec Room
Our readers share their input on decorating a family rec room.

Recessed Window Dressing Ideas
Ideas for choosing window dressings for a recessed window.

5 Great Ways To Use Books in Decorating
Even if you are tired of the book clutter, I am going to show you some great "Budget Decorator" ways to tame the mess, and add charm and character to your rooms by using books as decorating accessories!

Country Home Accessories
Country home décor is the most sought after home interior and it’s no wonder since country décor invites a casual friendly lifestyle. Make sure you carefully study the specific style, and color scheme then carefully coordinate the colors of each element of your country décor.

Lamp Re-Make
When the old lamp from my children's room was turning decidedly "trash-worthy", a grand idea formed and kept me from tossing it out.

Escape to Sunny Mexico - at Home!
Can't get away for a southern vacation this year? Don't despair--plan a sunny Mexican style refresher for your patio décor and enjoy the festive atmosphere of a hacienda at home this summer.

10 Ways to do Tuscan on a Budget
Sun-drenched days under the Tuscan sky. Pasta and wine under olive trees to the sound of the courtyard fountain. Sound wonderful? Yes! But if you haven't won the lottery and a move to Tuscany isn't in your future, you can bring that warm Tuscan feel to your home (even if you live in Buffalo!).

Five Easy Steps For Arranging your Living Room Furniture
If you are hopelessly lost when thinking beyond shoving your furniture against a wall, or if you've recently bought a six-foot sofa for an eight-foot room, you need help! Here are some easy tips for arranging your living room furniture in ways that make the most of your space.

Finding the Right Sofa for You!
Finding a new sofa that is right for your family and your lifestyle is a daunting task, but here are a few tips to make that task a bit easier.

Five Easy Tricks for Handling Problem Rooms
Do you have a room that’s just too much? Too long? Too narrow? Too tall? You can camouflage that problem space with a few visual tricks!

Decorating with Fabric: Secrets to Combining Patterns
Would you love to be able to combine fabrics just like the designers do? Did your last attempt look like a color-blind, half-drunk orangutan with a plaid fetish decorated the room? Here are ten easy secrets to combining fabric patterns that will make your room look like a million bucks!

Choosing Upholstery That Will Stand Up to Even Your Kids!
Here are five easy ways to make certain your new upholstery is suitable for every member of the family!

Footstool Decor
The footstool started out as something practical, but over the years has evolved into simply "decor."

10 Decorating Ideas To Update Any Room
Not all home decorating ideas require a heavy investment of time and money. If you're looking for a few affordable home interior decorating ideas to freshen up a room over a weekend, try these ten.

Furniture Fix-Ups
So here it is, secrets from The Budget Decorator on transforming your furniture from trash to TFTE! (Treat For The Eyes!)

How to Create Custom Window Toppers
My breakfast nook has four windows that overlook my backyard. Since we have lots of trees in back and there are no neighbors to see in, I decided that I wanted to leave the windows as open as possible. I decided on just toppers leaving the rest of the window uncovered.

Re-Using Old Picture Frames
Tips for re-using old picture frames for new works of art.

Decorating With Sponge Painting
Have you tried sponge painting? I just recently painted my kitchen using this technique and was amazed at how professional it looks.

Creating a Fun Valance
Here is one of the more inexpensive, fun ways to make a custom valance for the window over your kitchen sink, in a children's room, or even on top of a shower curtain.

Make a Pretty Chair Planter
First you need an old dining chair with a push out seat as this is where the flowers will be growing. If you haven't got one lying around in a garage or shed, ask around friends and family or offer a couple of dollars/pounds for one in a junk shop, charity shop or thrift store.

A Custom Lightswitch Cover
We remodeled our bathroom recently and when it was time to choose our switch plate covers, we were overwhelmed with the variety and prices of them. We wanted out-of-the-ordinary light switch covers but didn't want to pay the price -- and besides, we couldn't find any that matched our decor out of all that variety!

Tips for Decorating Your Living Room
In the home, the living area, or the receiving room, is one of the busiest rooms. It's also the room guests initially see and form a lasting impression about the home. Hence, the living area should be well-decorated, well-laid out and inviting to guests and family members. It should project a homey, comfortable yet elegant image.

Decorating With Pattern
Do you find some rooms in your home a little on the bland side? Do you find yourself appreciative of the rooms you see in magazines and television, and wish you could achieve the same effect? The problem may be that you do not have enough pattern in your home.

Decorating With Area Rugs
Area rugs can be well used by the frugal decorator. They are extremely versatile, and serve many purposes. They can start off in the living room, move to the Family Room or Bedroom, and eventually end up in the garage or an indoor/outdoor room.

Decorating With Lamps
We all need lamps to read and do other task-related activities. One way to have some frugal fun decorating your home is with the creative use of lamps. Some task lighting is more functional than decorative. In the living areas of our homes, we usually use decorative lamps. With just a little bit of skill and knowledge you can have fun, distinctive lamps that add charm to your home.

Home Decorating Tips
Do you want to create a new look in your home without spending a lot of money? You can change the look and feel of any room by adding a few inexpensive accessories. Items such as paint, pictures, and plants can add charm to any room in your house.

Heirloom Decorating
I love to surround myself with things from the past. To me "heirloom" doesn't necessarily mean something really old, because memories are always in the making, and displaying a family keepsake can be treasured whether it's from last year or fifty years ago.

Tips for Decorating Your Living Room
In the home, the living area, or the receiving room, is one of the busiest rooms. It's also the room guests initially see and form a lasting impression about the home. Hence, the living area should be well-decorated, well-laid out and inviting to guests and family members. It should project a homey, comfortable yet elegant image.

Liven Up Your Living Space
If you're unsure of the look you want, start by tearing out magazine pictures of rooms you like. You will soon see themes appearing. Painted wooden furniture and pale stencilled walls, traditional mahogany or art deco or a little of many styles blended together in your own eclectic way.

Buying Furniture that Lasts
When you buy a new sofa or chair, how long do you expect it to last? Will you keep it until it is "hopelessly outdated", or will you have to replace it before then? (Bearing in mind that "hopelessly outdated" may come sometime after your death!)

Accessorizing Your Home With Art
I have to admit that I love art. I walk by pictures and always have the desire to buy them. I would be happy to fill my walls from ceiling to floor with framed pictures (which I've actually seen done in some homes)!

Handmade Quilts: Not Just for your Bed
The art of quilting has been part of American history for more than a century. Regardless of the climate where you live, you can enjoy quilts in your home year round.

Fun with Frames
Adorn your walls and tables with inexpensive and interesting handcrafted wood frames! You can purchase wood frames at discount stores, craft stores and yard sales, just to name a few. The only necessary supplies for your "masterpiece" are a glue gun, glue sticks and your imagination!


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