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Home Decorating / Outdoor Decor:

Home Painting Tips
Tips for painting the exterior of your home.

Restore and Protect Your Deck
Have the long months of winter taken a toll on your deck? Is it dirty, mildew-stained and wearing a coat of gray? Don’t worry. It’s easy to restore your deck to its natural beauty so you can enjoy it during the warm months ahead.

Creating Outdoor Rooms from Scratch, on a Budget!
Creating an outdoor living space is no longer just about increasing property values or impressing the occasional guest. It is about creating a warm, welcoming, nurturing place.

Outdoor Kitchens – Simple and Sophisticated
If you have never thought of installing an outdoor kitchen before, it is time you start thinking about it. You don’t need a backyard the size of Southfork to create an efficient, fun outdoor kitchen of your very own.

The Heat is On with Patio Heaters
Any outdoor lover will tell you that the right patio heater will allow you to extend your love of the open-air life all year round.

Elegant Exterior Designs with a Simple Stencil!
With dimensional stenciling quickly becoming the hottest decorating trend inside the home, it can easily be adapted to the deck, yard and garden, creating elegant décor in your outdoor living space as well.

The Nautical Touch in Your Outdoor Living Space
Would you rather be sailing or are you strictly a shore bird? Whether you're land-locked or seaside, you can create a nautical look in your outdoor living space by following a few easy principles. You'll find that even landlubbers can answer the siren song of the sea.

Creating an Outdoor Oasis on the Cheap!
We all should have a haven in the outdoors; it is soothing to the soul! It can be done with little money, little space, and just a bit of creativity! Check out these five great ideas for creating your own private hideaway!

Quick Facts about Outdoor Lighting
When the days start to get shorter, the darkness may drive us inside from our porches, patios or decks. Don't despair – outdoor lighting can lengthen the day and dramatically extend the potential of our outdoor living spaces.

Trimming for the Holidays
Pruning your landscape plants does not always have to be a drag. By saving your plant cuttings and using them as decorations in the home, you end up hitting two birds with one stone, and both your yard and your abode look the better for it.

Warm Up the Night! Patio Heaters and Fire Pits
In some areas right now, the weather is ideal for sitting outside in the evening -- the bugs have gone and the sky is clear -- but the nights are chilly. Don't let the cool evenings send you inside -- extend your outdoor living season by heating your deck or patio.

Decorating a Small Outdoor Space
"Small is beautiful," said E.F. Schumacher, and although he was speaking of theories of economics, the same might be said of our outdoor living spaces. The large wrap-around porches that we may remember from our childhood are seldom found in today's modern homes. Instead, we're often faced with making an inviting living area in a 4'x6' balcony, a small vestibule, or a 10'x10' deck.

Exterior Decorating on a Budget
Many times we are so busy decorating the interior of our home, we forget about the view most people see first...the outside! Perhaps we all believe improvements to the exterior of the home must be expensive. Not true! What a better place to showcase your clever creativity than where every passerby can see!

Make Your Deck an Inviting, Comfortable Living Space
Decks provide additional living space; a place to relax, entertain and eat meals. Decorating it makes our experiences all the more enjoyable and inviting. If you don't have a deck, don't despair, you can always apply some of these ideas to a patio, porch or even a section of grass in your backyard.

Bringing your Indoors Outdoors
Summer is a time for relaxing. It brings to mind evening barbecues, pool parties, and spending time outdoors. A simple and enjoyable way to celebrate those warm summer days and pleasant evenings is to bring your indoors, outside!


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