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Home => Kids Rooms => Give Your Child the Moon and the Stars
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Give Your Child the Moon and the Stars
by Troy Myers

Description: Give your child the moon and stars by decorating their room with glow in the dark craft paints.

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Give your child the moon and the stars and throw in some planets while you’re at it -- with very bright glow in the dark craft paints.

Easy to do and not hard on the pocket book.

You have probably heard of people doing it. It sounds pretty neat you thought. But will it really work? The answer is yes! It is very easy and very inexpensive to do also and it looks really cool!! In all my years of messing around with glow in the dark paints and powders probably the number one project I get asked questions about is the stars on the ceiling one. Is it hard to do? How much paint will it take? Where do I get a stencil? Should I use oil or water base paint? The list goes on. In this article I hope to answer all your questions and give you some additional ideas as to what to do with glow in the dark paint.

When people think of glow in the dark items they usually think of the cheap novelties green in color and they glow about two minutes. Well hold on to your hats partners because, there is a new breed of glow paint in town that will turn those stars into shooting stars! Now the glow paints that are out there glow 12 hours in some instances. They also come in 8 different colors.

Green glows 12 hours and is the longest. Next is Aqua “which I recommend for this project’s stars” it glows 10 hours. Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange around 4 hours. Red glows around 1/2 an hour and white around 10 minutes.

This is all you need make a whole constellation on you child’s ceiling. Plus it is this simple.

1) Glow in the dark water base paint (for a room 12’ x 12’ it should take 8 ounces.)

2) Round regular bristle artist paint brush. (I have also heard of people using a sponge. Just make it about the size of a quarter).

3) 1/2 inch masking tape. (To grid off your areas).

4) Ladder or step or something that will allow you to reach the ceiling easily. (I do mean easily. This takes the best part of an afternoon. So be safe and comfortable.)

5) If you want to add planets you need round cardboard spheres from the craft store. Different sizes. White spray paint. And one ounce each of all the colors of glow paint mentioned above. Also some fishing line to hang the planets from the ceiling and a stapler.

6) I recommend you buy a black light. Black lights are rich in Ultra Violet light which really makes the glow paint glow like crazy. It also helps when you are painting the stars on the ceiling.

Here’s what you do...

Take your tape and tape off a three foot by three foot square on the ceiling. Companies sell star stencils but to me using those is crazy. You do not need a pattern. The stars in the sky are all random. If you want to get technical and make it accurate. You will need a constellation map and few thousand hours. Taping in the squares helps keep you in order. The paint (At least’s paint is white but glows a aqua blue. This is nice because it will not show up in the day unless your ceiling is not white).

Then dab your brush or sponge in the paint and dab away. After you have placed what you feel like are enough stars in that area. Turn off the lights and check your work. It is actually best to do this at night or black out any windows, as ambient light takes away for the glow. This stuff is glow in the dark not glow in the day. If you are happy just repeat in the next square. And so on.

To make planets to hang, spray paint your spheres with a white base coat. Then let you creative side come out. Paint them all any way you would like. Muti color same color it does not matter. Here you might want to add a little water base acrylic pigment to you paint to give it a day time color. It will still glow in the dark. I suggest you use a color that is close to the glow color. Attach the fishing line to the spheres with either hot glue or a spapler and hang them. Use hot glue to attach to the ceiling.

Troy Myers is an avid crafter and artist. He own, a supplier of glow in the dark paint and powder. hopes you enjoy this project. If you have any questions feel free to write us at offers one of the largest selections of family stickers, family car decals, and stick family stickers. These easy to apply vinyl window family car stickers are available in several themes and sizes or customized to your request.
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